Hunting season is coming; Get ready with these safety tips


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) – The Clark County Sheriff posted to Facebook about an accident in their area.
Where a father and child were in the woods when the child accidentally fired the gun, hitting the father.

The post goes on and said the father will be okay, but to stress the importance of firearm safety at all levels and age groups.

This particular incident wasn’t directly related to hunting, but with hunting season coming up, several leaders want to be sure you’re staying safe.

Like the Macon County Conservation District. They said it’s important to know the gun you’re using while you’re hunting, to make sure it’s loaded or unloaded when it’s supposed to be, and to always use the safety feature.

“We don’t want to see any accidents while we’re doing this, and the hunter safety course does a great job of helping the kids out, learning all of those things, and learning and respecting the gun they’re going to use,” Jerry Culp, the executive director, said.

Culp said for young and new hunters, make sure you listen, and learn from hunters who have been doing it for years.

Hunting safety isn’t only for those who are actually hunting. If you plan to be in the woods during hunting season, whether it’s hiking, or walking along the trails, to wear the blaze orange or blaze pink. Just to be sure hunters can see you and minimize accidents.

It’s also important to be safe if you’re in a treestand. Culp said make sure you are secure before you start hunting. Be aware when you’re climbing into your stand with your gun, and remember you’re in a stand.

He said sometimes hunters get excited and forget they’re in a tree after a shot, which can result in a long fall.

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