CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — While many are gearing up for deer hunting season, others find themselves in the hunting store for a different reason — archery.

Matt Stacher, archery coach, got involved after he started working at Hunter’s Haven in Champaign about 11 years ago. Then, he decided he wanted to spread his passion to others. He teaches students of all ages and said sometimes even two-year-olds can hold a bow!

But, Stacher said the best part of coaching is seeing his students smile and improve from lesson to lesson. They meet the first three Saturdays of the month at Hunter’s Haven in Champaign.

Many of his students are also involved with their archery teams at school.

Alyssa Neubauer is a freshman at Uni High. She got involved with the sport in middle school after gaining interest while shopping for camping supplies with her family at Field and Stream.

“I really like the people with it too. It’s really independent and teamwork,” Neubauer said. “I can just do my own thing and finish and hang out with my friends. It’s really rewarding seeing how I can do better than I thought I could.”

She said she’s looking forward to tournaments throughout the winter months, but her favorite memories are always setting up in her backyard and practicing with her family.