CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — January is known as Human Trafficking month. In 2019, 266 calls were reported to the human trafficking hotline in illinois and state police said that number is under-reported.

Human trafficking can happen anywhere. Some places it can happen are at gas stations near highways, construction sites, and farms. There are several different types of human trafficking two of the most common types are sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Police encourage everyone to keep their eyes open.

Sargent on the llinois state police criminal control team Zachary Heard said, “If you see food being delivered to say a massage parlor let’s say at 8 pm. Why is a massage parlor getting food delivered while it’s closed? Does that mean the workers don’t leave there? Man make that call.”

Heard said if you notice anything that looks like human trafficking do not approach the possible victim or offender. He said to call the human trafficking hotline or police even if your not 100% sure, so that they can make the call.