CENTRAL ILLINOIS, Ill. (WCIA)- A lot of people are prepping for holiday events as they also prepare for the winter storm. 

“White Christmases are nice, but blizzards are not,” said Heather Munro.  

And to prepare Brennan Blanchette, assistant store manager of Blains Farm and Fleet says there are a few things you need to get through.  

 “Shovels so you can dig yourself out of any areas that you might need,” said Blanchette. “For your car to cat litter in case you get stuck.”  

And of course, salt for your driveways or a snow blower if shoveling is not your thing, and a backup generator just in case the power goes out. 

“We have enough stock to get us through for the next couple of days here, we did request a few more shipments of salt from Blain’s,” said Blanchette. 

Many people were scrambling to grocery stores, stocking up on holiday feasts, like Heather Munro.

“We’re worried about the weather, we don’t know if it’s going to be so bad that we’re not going to be able to get out and get groceries, so we said let’s go today and get most of what we need,” said Munro. 

She said the store was packed and there were long lines to check out. 

 “There were some empty shelves for things we were looking for, everybody had the same idea,” said Munro. 

Munro’s son is supposed to fly in from Philadelphia for Christmas, but now she is worried his flight might be delayed or cancelled.  

“We’re going to hope for the best, we haven’t seen him in 5 months, and we want to have him here for the holidays,” said Munro. 

The plan is for Munro to pick up her son from Midway in Chicago. 

Blanchette says it is always a good idea to have flare kits and other safety items just in case your car gets stuck in the snow. 

 “Stay safe out there, make sure were prepared for the worst and hopefully everything works out for the best,” said Blanchette.