WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WCIA) — In the aftermath of a major fire at an apartment building in Warrensburg on Monday, the community is coming together to support those who lived in the building and who lost their homes and belongings. And there are plenty of ways to help.

The Barclay Public Library in Warrensburg is accepting material donations like household items and toiletries. Library staff said they have enough clothes, baby supplies, blankets and toiletries like tooth paste and shampoo, but they could use women’s and men’s clothes in extra large and larger sizes and items like kitchen supplies, laundry detergent and other toiletries like dental floss and mouthwash. Updated lists of what the library has enough of and what it still needs can be found on the library’s Facebook page. The library is also looking for volunteers to help sort donations.

Village President Kirk Riley said people can donate money by writing a check or working with the village to send an electronic check to Buena Vista National Bank.

Several pets perished in the fire, but some were able to escape. The Humane Society of Decatur and Macon County is offering to help with food and animal supplies and even temporary shelter for those pets if necessary.