KYIV, UKRAINE (WCIA) – There’s a lot of focus on Russia and Ukraine this week with intelligence reports and more suggesting an attack by Russia on the country could be imminent.

From a weather standpoint, there’s a narrow window of opportunity for clear conditions in Ukraine this week. From today through Wednesday, an area of high pressure will dominate the region, keeping any moisture and storm systems away.

That high pressure will erode away and push east by Thursday, meaning rain and snow will return to the forecast in the region. This would hinder any military operations over there by air and even land with moisture causing muddy soil and difficult travel terrain.

As that continues into the future, another consideration is that “Rasputitsa” that occurs in March, a regional term used to describe the muddy soil in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia that occurs from Spring thaw of ice and snow and the rain that comes. That leads sometimes to near impossible travel conditions, especially in rural, muddy roads and across fields.

It will be interesting to see the impact from the weather on any plans.

We know weather has changed history many times before, including on D-Day in World War II, Napoleon’s invasion of Moscow and the wind destroying the Spanish Armada. Could it happen again? Time will tell.