CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Every Friday, students at the Housing Authority of Champaign County go out into the community to serve others. Last week, their focus was on keeping the homeless warm.

Students posted up outside Daily Bread Soup Kitchen. They wanted to make a difference in the community, so they passed out hygiene and winter essentials with the goal of spreading warmth.

“We just wanted to make sure that they have the same essentials that we have, and that they are able to survive during this time and hopefully find some comfort,” said Youth Build Program Director Shevone Myrick.

Myrick said this community service greatly benefits both the students and the homeless.

“It’s the opportunity to be seen in a different light and to show that, as young people, they’re respectful of their community,” she said. “They care about the citizen, the community, and they’re dedicated to helping serve.”

Myrick said they focused on winter gear and hygiene materials to help the homeless as temperatures drop. 

“Our case management team decided to utilize some of the funds that we have to create bookbags, to reflect kind of the changing of the temperature and to support those essential needs. So in those you will see scarves, and gloves, and hand warmers, and cough drops,” she said.”

17- year-old Josiah Woods said it felt good to go out and show the love through lending a helping hand.

“You look at stuff differently, you know,” he said. “We would want people to help us, so why wouldn’t we go out in the community to help other people? It takes a village to help.”

The students at the Housing Authority do community service throughout the year. Officials said they’re also looking for new partnerships and ways to help others.