SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The Illinois House of Representatives passed an ethics reform bill after it failed on first attempt last week.

The push for these specific reforms came from the Federal investigation into corruption in Springfield and ComEd. 

The bill would require additional financial disclosures from politicians, and it would prevent lawmakers from leaving the legislature and immediately becoming lobbyists. Instead they would have to wait 6 months.

The bill passed both chambers with bipartisan support back in the Spring. Bill sponsor Rep. Kelly Burke (D-Oak Lawn) 

“I just want to remind the members that we have an excellent bill that has many needed reforms and it was overwhelmingly supported by Republicans in the House and Senate, and in fact, on the motion in the Senate, it was unanimously supported,” Burke said.

House Republicans pulled support after the legislative inspector general resigned.

I am not going to downplay that there are some good provisions in this bill,” Rep. Avery Bourne (R-Litchfield) said. “But I don’t think that disempowering the legislative inspector general, taking away the teeth from her, and her actually resigning because of that moves us backward. It doesn’t move us forward in this debate.”

The bill failed to pass in the House last week due to House Republicans pulling support and several Democrats leaving Springfield before the vote happened. Those Democrats voted in favor of accepting the Governor’s veto today.

it already passed unanimously in the Senate, so it now heads to the Governor’s desk.