House in a Box helping with tornado relief


TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Police chief Dwayne Wheeler has been volunteering in the town’s recovery effort since the tornados hit in December.

After seeing how much more help the community still needed, he called the national organization House in a Box. The group delivers supplies to disaster stricken areas. Wheeler worked with them in the past.

“We visit with the families. We sit down with the families,” Wheeler said. “We see what they lost. If they are single or they have kids. We figure out what they need. Once we know what they need, we contact House in a Box. Then they ship it to us.”

The families receiving supplies from this shipment are families who were under-insured or totally uninsured after the storms destroyed their homes.

They will be receiving a wide range of household necessities, from mattresses down to laundry detergent.

The final shipment from house in a box is scheduled to come next week.

“Next week or so we will be getting a bunch of sofas a desks and drawers and things like that,” Mayor Bruce Barry said. “We will be getting in a whole new shipment of supplies on July 8th, and it is just amazing how the supplies just keep coming in.

The Taylorville community has made great strides in the recovery process, there is still a long way to go. Some families who received supplies today still don’t have a home to put them in.

“We lost everything in there,” Taylorville resident Tammy Bowers said. “We lost our beds. We lost our furniture. We lost a lot of things in the storm.”

The Bowers family just started rebuilding their home, and will receive their supplies when it is finished. Until then, they will keep the supplies in a warehouse in Taylorville, with everybody else’s supplies.

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