Hotels make efforts to keep customers safe


Business declines for hotels

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Hotels across the country have watched business decline because of coronavirus. “It’s effected every hotel in town,” said Laura Raney, Comfort Suites and Roadway Inn Sales Manager.

Sales have dropped because of it. Management says they noticed the decline after events at the University of Illinois were cancelled. “Mom’s weekend, graduation, and dad’s weekend that’s a huge impact for hotels,” said Effendi Fendi, owner of Comfort Suites Hotel and Roadway Inn. “People started canceling early last week. Cancellation after cancellation every single day through June,” said Raney. Occupancy has dropped about 50 percent in the last two weeks.

Other hotels have shut their doors completely. Hilton Garden Inn in Champaign temporarily closed this week. The manager says in one week they went from 70 percent occupancy to just 10 percent. However, the manager says the company has two other hotels in the area that are doing well. “If this goes on longer than 2 months, it’s going to impact every hotel,” said Raney. Comfort Suites is taking steps to hold on to as much business as possible and taking extra precaution to keep customers safe.

“We’ve already closed our pool, closed our fitness room. Breakfast is very limited,” said Raney “Our housekeepers, our front desk, our management cleaning around the clock.” Staff say they’re ready for things to get back to normal and for COVID-19 to finally checkout.

The manager at Hilton Garden Inn in Champaign says they plan to reopen by May 1st, but will open sooner if there’s a demand.

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