Hospitals continue visitor restrictions


Urbana, Ill. (WCIA) —

As regions throughout Central Illinois continue to move forward in the opening process, some places are staying the same.

Hospitals have continued to limit visitors even as the state opens up. One hospital in Urbana is continuing the restrictions they’ve had in place for months.

Restrictions are lifting across the state, but hospitals like OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center in Urbana are keeping theirs’s in place. They are pushing for visitors to speak with patients digitally, but understand when a visitor needs to be there.

“The support person needs to be present for that patient, for decision making, for the beginning of life, or unfortunately for the end of life,” Danielle Molina from OSF said.

For non-Covid patients in emergency situations as well as outpatient and surgery, one person is allowed to visit. Pediatrics allows up to two. Mothers going through labor and delivery may have one person. Those in a critical state can potentially have up to four.

“They possibly or potentially declining and really need that support person or for events that they really need that person there to make a decision,” Molina said.

Depending on the situation, Covid positive patients may have one visitor,, but Molina says typically the visitors may have already been exposed.

“They live with them. So the risk of exposure is probably already there. So we really want to make sure we provide the most holistic care as possible,” Molina said.

Amy Amos says her mother was a non-Covid patient in a Springfield hospital for ten days, but Amos wasn’t allowed to visit. She says digital communication is not always effective.

“She was very sick and because she was very sick, she had a hard time letting us know what the doctors were saying,” Amos said.

Amos said she had a hard time reaching the doctors while her mother was hospitalized. Amos went on to say her mother has to go back for another follow up procedure, but she’s hopeful with restrictions lifting, that she will be able to go with her mother.

St. John’s hospital in Springfield has updated its visitor restrictions since her mother was in the hospital. On Thursday, the hospital started allowing non-Covid patients to have a support person.

Here’s a look at the visitor restrictions at St. John’s:

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