GIFFORD, Ill. (WCIA) — A Percheron gelding was sold for $110,000 at last week’s Mid-America Draft Horse Sale at Gordyville USA in Gifford.

Ames Construction of Minnesota bought the horse named Center Ridge Ben, sired by his father named Bentley. The horse was sold by Windermere Farms of Spring Mills, Pa. It was bred by Amos S. Mast and fitted by Doublin Valley Farms.

Windermere Farms shared a statement on Facebook saying: “We would like to thank and congratulate all involved in the breeding, fitting, and selling of the all-time, high-selling Percheron gelding at the Mid America Draft Horse Sale in Gifford.”

At last year`s sale, a Belgian stallion was sold for a total of $137,500. The second highest priced horse was sold for $120,000 at the 2021 sale. Gordyville USA said Center Ridge Ben was the third-highest sold horse in the 28 years of the sale.

“It was such an outstanding horse,” said Mary Hannagan, a member of Gordyville USA, a family-owned business. “It’s a top-of-the-line horse, and that’s why it sold for a high price.”

Hannagan said top breed horses nowadays range between $35,000-$50,000, and that prices vary each year due to inflation. She compared the horse sale to the famous Westminster Dog Show.

“It’s like a roller-coaster,” Hannagan said. “You just never know how high a horse will be sold.”

A total of over 300 horses were sold at last week’s two-day sale.

“Horses are just such a big part of our western culture, and continue to be,” Hannagan said. “We had an outstanding sale altogether.”

Center Ridge Ben | Courtesy: Windermere Farms