Honoring local hard hat heroes for National Lineman Appreciation Day


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative is celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day this week.

It honors the dedicated line workers who constantly work in challenging conditions to keep the lights on for you 24/7.

They maintain power lines and are often the first responders during storms and other tragic events.

Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative currently has 30 linemen.

“Being a lineman is a dangerous and demanding job,” says Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative Vice President Mike Wilson. “Usually when they have to go out during storms, it’s really bad conditions and so they do a wonderful job taking care of restoring power when conditions can be really bad. You know that ice storm we recently had a couple weeks ago was a great example of that. It was freezing cold outside, terrible conditions, but they were out there several days to make sure we got power back on for our members.”

The US has over 170 million poles, two million transmissions, and nine million miles of wires all serviced by workers across the nation.

To celebrate, the electric co-op will have a lunch for its employees sometime next week.

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