Home flooding concerns


Neighbors asking city to do more about flooding

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Chad Seeber wants answers. He says his basement has flooded two times within the past two years The first time was in 2018, and then again this past weekend. He’s reached out to the city and public works both times for help. “It was essentially the same answers as previously where there was so much rain in a period of time the system couldn’t handle it, and so the storm water backed into the waste water and then into my house,” said Seeber, “The only area it has come out from and did this past time is from my shower drain and my toilet through the lower level, through the sewage, the waste water removal.”

Seeber says despite issues with the sewage causing flooding into his home, both times he has had to pay out of pocket for the damages. He suspects there could be other underlying issues that aren’t his problem to fix. “I only have theories of recent developments in the area and how much water, storm water this area can contain, and a lot of these homes are low lying homes and they’re easily floodable,” said Seeber.

Kris Koester is the Public Information Officer for Public Works. He says there’s a process that is followed so developments don’t cause these types of problems. “Any development is going to have to have a storm water control plan before they’re allowed to build and before it’s all signed off on,” said Koester. If flooding does happen, “We do have engineers who can take a look at certain things including where public lines may be close to your property, if you live in a low lying area, or if it could be something else,” said Koester. “And then we also have some other programs in place like cost share programs and things like that that we can help the homeowner.”

However, Seeber says he just wants help to stop this from happening again. “I want the water to stop coming in,” said Seeber. The city says they take all complaints like these very seriously. They plan to look further into the matter. They encourage others with similar concerns to reach out to them.

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