UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Ill. (WCIA) — Chants of “Nazis aren’t welcome,” met a man Tuesday morning who took to the quad with a sign and telling people who would listen that the Holocaust was a hoax.

Stephen Francis calls himself and anti-war activist. He carried a sign explaining his beliefs. He said while Jews did die during World War II, he believes it was from typhus and not at the hands of Nazis.

“All the cans of Zyclon B, and all the piles of glasses and bodies and all that can totally explain a typhus epidemic,” said Francis.

A rabbi called the demonstration anti-semitic.

“There’s been a significant rise in anti-semitism both here on this campus and in general over the last few years,” said Rabbi Ariel Naveh, Illni Hillel. “This is a demonstration of that. I’m really just disappointed.”

The Illini Hillel did reach out to anyone who might have been concerned. They put up a popsicle stand offering a cold treat and support for anyone who needed it.