CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — For many, holidays are a time for gifts, family, and family meals. But for some, the holidays can be lonelier. Thanks to dedicated groups in Champaign County, some things can be checked off the holiday list.

The day after Christmas is usually reserved for relaxing around new items and leftovers. But for James Dobbins with Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, it’s another day to make sure all people are given the help they need.

“The soup kitchen provides a five four-course hot meal to guests, but that just takes care of their immediate needs. And so, with the assistance program we try to take care of other needs,” said Dobbins.

And those other needs are where Dobbins comes in. The retired epidemiologist, now Assistance Program Chief has been working with the soup kitchen for the past ten years. People come in to sit down and get a hot meal. And they leave with the tools to help them move up.

“You can’t get a job without a state I.D. We pay for that, and we do the application with them,” added Dobbins.

They also provide their clients with birth certificates, mailing addresses, and needed items for their new job. The Daily Bread is open every day of the week and days in between holidays are no different. When Dobbins leaves here, his work for the community isn’t done. Throughout the month clients have been requesting bus passes. He’s using the day most people take off to grant their wishes.

“Today’s the day that we distribute them. As soon as we finish here, I’ll go down to MTD customer service to meet those guests,” said Dobbins.

Dobbins has dedicated his entire life to helping people. Whether it’s a holiday or the day after, helping out with the soup kitchen is something that he will always find the time to do.

“I really enjoy working. I really enjoy helping people and talking to them. I get as much out it or more as than get out of it,” said Dobbins.

The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and mail pick-up with the assistance program are available seven days a week. Sign-up for the program is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The soup kitchen is located at the 100 block of N. First St. in Champaign.