CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Many people are making plans for the holidays, but the spread of COVID-19 is still a concern. “We have not seen how this is going to effect people in winter and with the flu season going on at the same time,” said Awais Vaid, Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Deputy Administrator and Epidemiologist. AAA the Auto Club says some travelers are deciding to make spur of the moment travel decisions, and about 80 percent of people are expected to take some type of road trip. “They’re going to destinations where there is hiking or state or national parks to explore or to look at,” said Molly Hart, AAA the Auto Club spokesperson. Others may be traveling to see family for the holidays. Vaid says people should be cautious.

“There is no completely safe way for doing any social events whether small or big unless you are doing this with your family, and your family means only your household,” said Vaid. Inviting people who don’t live in your home could mean getting infected. However, there are things that can be done to minimize the risk.

“For the 14 days before I travel I’m going to be extra cautious. I’m going to try and put myself in a bubble so to speak. Hopefully, three to four days before traveling I get tested,” said Vaid. If you’re flying, bring a face mask, face shield, and hand sanitizer. “We also recommend if you’re going to the gas station to bring some sandwich bags so when you’re pumping the gas you can put your hand in the sandwich bag just to keep safe,” said Hart. “This pandemic will end, but we do not want to put ourselves in harms way. We do not want to risk our loved ones,” said Vaid.