High school seniors give advice to younger selves


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)–Seniors at Central High School say this school year has forced them to make changes. “This year’s seniors definitely missed out on a lot of stuff, same with last year’s seniors,” said Cassie To, Central High School senior. Memories they planned to make aren’t happening this year.

Brooke Sholem is a senior at Central High School, and she’s helping to put together the yearbook. For her spread, she’s asking students a question, “What advice would they give their freshman selves?” “I think it’s a good question to ask the seniors because they’re going through a different time,” said Sholem.

“There’s many things I’d tell my freshman self. Definetely to not procrastinate as much as I do, but definitely to take in every moment that you got,” said To. “I would give myself the advice to be yourself and surround yourself with people who love yourself and love how you act. Don’t change yourself for anybody,” said Sholem.

2020 has taught them valuable lessons. “Take in all those memories,” said To. “I think I’ll always try to appreciate what I’m doing and not take it for granted,” said Sholem.

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