High school football coach expected to resign


GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Georgetown-Ridge Farm school board is expected to accept the resignation of their high school head football coach. The board listed it on their agenda for Saturday, June 20.

Josh Cavanaugh was accused of being racist towards students by a former coach who posted online, describing things Cavanaugh would do to black students, like calling them the n-word. Several former students came forward saying similar things.

Thursday night, current members of the football team met in a show of unity against him, and in support of a former member of the coaching staff, Jeremy Henschen, who said he was removed from the staff for standing up for players safety and rights.

Quarterback Logan Dawson said Cavanaugh has also physically abused teammates.

“One teammate of mine, we were in film session, he was kind of dozing off, and our coach just comes up and slaps him to wake him up,” said Dawson. “I just kind of feel like there could have been an easier way to wake him up like slapping the desk. He just laid his hand on a kid and I don’t agree with that.”

Another player said Cavanaugh has called another teammate a racial slur.

“During the time, it looked like the teammate that got called it wasn’t really phased, but I know deep down, he was hurt,” said Jace Bina, Corner and Receiver. “And I felt like, no one spoke on it, because we were all, like, scared, and didn’t have the confidence to say anything about it.”

WCIA has reached out to Cavanaugh several times by phone and sent him an email, but have not heard back. Several anonymous calls were also made to WCIA from people who said the accusations against Cavanaugh are false.

The board meeting will be Saturday at 5 p.m. The agenda lists only his resignation as head football coach. Cavanaugh is also the assistant principal at Mary Miller Junior High School. A petition to have him removed from that position has already gained hundreds of signatures.

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