PIATT COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Abraham Lincoln sites are some of the most visited in the country. There are a few here in central Illinois, though you might not know they exist.

One is located at an intersection on the DeWitt-Piatt County line that’s just southwest of DeLand. It’s a “border marker” put there in 1922; the monument stands where the future 16th president rode the Eighth Judicial District Circuit route. Lincoln traveled on it for 23 years with his fellow lawyers to conduct legal duties. There are 19 markers placed on the county lines of each of the counties of the Eighth Judicial Circuit.

“Some of them are in the actual roads and those are the ones that are really quite touching because they’re in the middle of nowhere,” said Lincoln historian Guy Fraker. “They’re not put there for the public to know where they are. They’re put there to mark where Lincoln went so most of the markers are quite obscure.”

Fraker said if you go to a county seat courthouse Lincoln went to, like the one in Champaign County, you can find a different marker that shows he was there. The markers were marked and paid for by the Daughters of the American Revolution.