HEYWORTH, Ill, (WCIA) — A group based out of Nashville Tennessee called Freedom Sings USA has made it their mission to help tell veterans’ stories through song. Friday they met with veterans from Heyworth to gather their stories and put them into song.

Freedom Sings USA Co-founder Don Goodman said, “It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life. When you see people completely turn their life around, it’s pretty darn inspiring.”

He said the goal is to help veterans tell their stories through song. Goodman said he got the idea after visiting a veteran at the VA.

“That one day I watched a miracle happen,” said Goodman. “I saw a guy who wouldn’t even look me in the eye by the time that day was over and that song was written we were best buddies.”

He said the next day he learned the impact he could have.

“So now I get a phone call from him and he said you don’t know this but you saved my life,” said Goodman.

He quickly made it his mission to help as many veterans as possible.
One veteran from Heyworth says he wanted to help tell his story from Vietnam to help others.

Army Veteran David Henard said, “My goal is really to help other veterans however I can.”

Henard said, “I had time to look back and see if I could help guys going through a bad time.”

He said if he can help just one person all his work will be worth his while.

“I believe in God and Jesus and he tells us to help one another. I feel rewarded by him in what I’m able to do,” said Henard.

Out of all the songs Goodman says he wrote the few he has done for Veterans have been a highlight of his career.