HOOPESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A group of friends is reunited after their favorite meeting spot closed for good. They go by the name Hennings Breakfast Club.

Hennings was known for its root beer, but regulars went to see their friends and make new ones.

Joan Terrel was a waitress at the restaurant. She said the people were the best part of her job.

“We moved to Hoopeston in 1984 and I was there for not quite 20 years,” she said. “You became friends with people and it was just a neat place to work.”

After Hennings closed, the Breakfast Club decided to meet at Autumn Fields.

“Everyone met at Henning’s every morning, and they did it seven days a week most times,” said Vanessa From, Autumn Fields’ Executive Director. “And everyone got used to seeing each other there.”

From said she heard a lot of talk around town about missing the morning breakfast company. So she put together a plan to bring it back.

“I thought ‘What a better way to bring them here in my building at Autumn Fields and get to see each other here twice a month,'” From said.

The group now has a name, and Terell said that she is enjoying the experience. She said that even though it’s not the same as being at Hennings, at the end of the day, it’s nice to be back.

“I remember most everyone that’s here today,” Terell said. “And it’s so nice to see them because there’s a lot I don’t see anymore.”

The Hennings Breakfast Club plans to meet every other Wednesday and anyone is welcome to join.