HENNING, Ill., (WCIA) — Many in Henning watched an hours-long manhunt unfold outside their front doors. One said he couldn’t sleep last night as he watched officers searching fields on ATVs across the street from his house.

Now, neighbors have a restored sense of safety. The search has come to a close.

It all started to unfold Thursday night in Danville and into Friday in Henning.

The FBI said the suspect, Jacob Edwards, 18, has been arrested. They said he started his crime spree states away in Michigan. Then, he made his way through Indiana and eventually into Illinois.

Police tracked him down all because of a 911 call. Deputies searched the fields off of Henning Road all day. Friday afternoon, someone reported a man knocking on their door. That’s when police responded, leading them to the suspect.

“This all started last night with a notification that this person that was wanted for bank robbery out of Michigan was in our community,” Pat Hartshorn, the Vermilion County Sheriff, said.

On Thursday night, law enforcement started following Edwards in Danville.

The FBI said Edwards robbed a bank outside of Detroit on Jan. 17, approaching the teller with a note demanding money, saying he also had an armed accomplice outside.

They added that Edwards then stole a truck in Lafayette, Indiana on Jan 19. That’s the vehicle he brought to Illinois. Police said he refused to pull over on Thursday night. He drove to Henning, with police chasing close behind.

“The subject ended up driving through some farm fields, got his truck stopped, got out ran on foot,” Hartshorn said.

Edwards started running through fields on 2900 North, just east of Henning Road.

Corey Lanter lives close by.

“I just happened to see police lights out there. At first, we didn’t know what was going on,” Lanter said. “It did look like a manhunt because of all the spotlights.”

He watched police searching fields on ATVs.

“Four cruisers at the end of our road just sitting there,” Lanter added. He saw police cars with their lights on aimed at the field.

Police continued searching the same areas during daylight hours on Friday.

Eventually, Edwards was arrested about five miles from where he crashed and started running the night before.

Hartshorn said Edwards knocked on someone’s door on 2550 North Road. That person called 911, and a deputy responded.

That officer found Edwards near the home. Police said the teenager had a gun and pointed it at him. An officer shot Edwards.

Lanter hasn’t experienced anything like this before. He was worried for his town the entire time.

“Most of my concerns come with our home right here, and other homes out here, we have these outside farm buildings,” Lanter said. “That maybe he could stash, you know, go in and stay. That was my main concern.”

Illinois State Police said Edwards was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. They added that no officers were hurt.