Help name an Urbana restaurant


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — If you think of yourself as creative, you’ll want to listen to this: You could help name a restaurant.

The Atkins Golf Club in Urbana is looking for suggestions. Its restaurant will serve food made from locally grown crops.

They say this is a chance to rebrand it as an Illini Golf Club.

“We have this great gift from the Atkin’s family and we knew we wanted to put in a farm-to-table restaurant,” says Senior Associate Athletics Director Cassie Arner. “That was something that meant a lot to the Atkin’s family, also to us, and also to the area. It made a lot of sense. In fact, all the crops will be grown there in the Stone Creek subdivision.”

The club is set to open in late August. If you would like to submit a name, you can go here for more information.

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