Hedrick pleads guilty to role in dismemberment

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Update: 6:00 pm, 11/7/16, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — A Champaign man has pleaded guilty to dismembering a woman’s body in April. Davion Hedrick is one of six people charged in connection with the crime. Investigators say Ashley Gibson died at Hedrick’s home.

Authorities don’t believe she was killed. Investigators say Gibson had been using cocaine. She was at Hedrick’s home on Hedge Road.

Authorities say Hedrick found her dead in his home April 18. State’s Attorney Julia Rietz says Hedrick called some of the people who were at the party to come back and they decided to try to get rid of her body.

Authorities say they dismembered and burned her body in Hedrick’s backyard. Investigators found Gibson’s body in Clinton Lake about a week later.

Hedrick admitted dismembering and disposing of the body by putting it in plastic bags and throwing those bags in the lake.

Rietz says they’re still moving forward with  five other cases and Hedrick could be involved in those proceedings.

“It may be that Hedrick would be called to testify and certainly the judge could take his testimony into consideration in a sentence, but at this point there is absolutely no agreement between the state and Hedrick as to what his sentence is going to be,” said Rietz. 

Rietz says she can’t remember a case in Champaign County with details like these. Hedrick was on parole at the time of the crime. He faces up to 30-years in prison when he’s sentenced in February.

The investigation started when Gibson’s family reported her missing. The 24-year old mother had two boys who were 8- and 3-years old at the time of the crime.

The coroner was able to identify Gibson, partly because of a tattoo on her body. 

Original: 11:57 am, 11/7/16, Monday 

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY — A man pleaded guilty to one count of dismembering a human body Monday. The class X felony allows for a sentence between 6 – 30 years in prison.

27-year old Davion Hedrick is one of six men accused of the crime in the April death of Ashley Gibson.

Authorities say Gibson was reported missing and her family told police they’d heard rumors she had died during a house party on Hedge Road; Hedrick’s residence. Officials say Gibson had been at the party and used cocaine with others.

It was determined Hedrick found Gibson dead in the house the morning of April 18 and called several people who had been at the party to return.

The group decided to dispose of Gibson’s body by dismembering it, burning it in the back yard, then dumping body parts in plastic bags in Clinton Lake. Gibson’s body was discovered at the lake April 24.

Hedrick was on parole at the time for prior convictions of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and resisting a peace officer. He’s due to be sentenced in February.

Five other defendants face charges in the case.

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