ASSUMPTION, Ill., (WCIA) — One Central Illinois town is rallying around the families whose loved ones were in a devastating car crash. A truck hit four Central A&M High School students who were in their car on the way to lift weights with the football team.

The driver died and the three passengers are in the hospital.

It happened Tuesday morning in Assumption at Route 51 and Leafland Street.

1,100 people call Assumption home. It’s a tight-knit, family-like community. Its heart has been broken. 

“I mean, I cried when I left. And when I found out the kid had passed…It was just awful,” Derek Page, Assumption’s mayor, said. 

He was with the 16-year old the day before he died. The boy worked for the village and they were chopping down a tree together. 

Page described the boy as a hard-working, all-American kid who loved his community. 

Now, he does not want to see an accident like this again. He is working to make this intersection safer. At a minimum, he’d like flashing caution lights. That way, if you are traveling east or west, you would see two flashing lights. He said it would help drivers to notice traffic coming. 

At a maximum, he would like to see traffic lights. 

It’s a future goal…But right now there’s also a focus on immediate needs. The First National Bank of Assumption has accounts set up for two of the boys involved. The other two have online donation pages. Abby Corzine, a cashier at the bank, helped set up the accounts. 

“They were just the best boys. They were always willing to help and step up. Ya know, my son’s nine. He just was, looked up to them and…It’s really a loss that’s going to be felt forever,” she said. 

In a town of 1,100, when four lives are changed…it is felt by all.