Champaign County, Ill. (WCIA) —

“Instead of going out to the local sports bar with your buddies stay home,” General Manager at Billy Barooz’s Pub and Grill Cory Garcia said.

The big game is coming up on Sunday and that has health officials a bit concerned. You may be planning something for this weekend and it may look different than in years past, but doctors say that’s a good thing. They want to remind people not to let down their guard.

Two sports bars and grills aren’t getting their hopes up for too many customers, but they want to make sure to provide a safe environment for anyone who comes to watch the game.

“I’m not expecting a huge turnout this year, we’re hopeful,” Garcia said.

With the pandemic and restrictions on indoor dining, sports bars and grills, like Billy Barooz Pub and Grill in Champaign, are not expecting big turnouts on Sunday.

“Being inside is still a little hard for some people. A lot of people aren’t ready yet,” Garcia said.

Billy Barooz has outside cabins. There aren’t TV’s in them so you can’t watch the big game from there, but it’s one of the ways they’re trying to create a safe environment.

“We sanitize all our cabins. We have electro-static sprayers that we clean our cabins out. We take care of all our tables inside and we have several people working all the time to make sure things are clean and ready for everyone,” Garcia said.

Which goes hand in hand with what health officials say to do if you go to a restaurant.

“Use hand sanitizer. Use a mask. Wash your hands,” OSF Dr. Andrew Zasada said.

Dr. Andrew Zasada also says to maintain social distancing as best as possible and to stay at your own table, but he says not going out is the best option.

“Stay home and enjoy the game with your family,” Zasada said.

Daly’s Sports Bar in Philo is assuming people will do that, so they’re not expecting a big crowd.

“As far as this year, nothing real special. Hopefully we get a few people come in and have a drink or two and have a good time,” Owner Tater Daly said.

Before the pandemic they had a potluck and filled their back garage area. Now they are just hopeful for a few customers. They just want everyone to stay safe and stay open.

“We’re trying to do our part on keeping everything open and have no problems,” Daly said.

If you are staying at home, a piece of you can be at the game. The NFL was offering cardboard cut outs of your face in the stadium available for one hundred dollars. They are currently sold out.

Illinois is in phase four of the re-opening process, which means indoor dining and drinking are permitted to parties up to 10 people. Seated areas should be 6 feet apart or have a barrier between. Social events are limited to 50 people or 50% of room capacity.