Phone apps help first responders

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA)– Did you know there’s a smartphone app meant to help first responders treat you? It’s called something different depending on what type of phone you use., but the information you put into it might be enough for them to save your life. He said every time he’s tried to look for the information people haven’t had the app filled in or people didn’t know they had it.

On an iPhone, it’s called the “Health” app and it stores basic information like height and weight. But you can also put in medical conditions and emergency contacts. EMTs with OSF hospital say this little bit of information could be enough information to help them out. They say if found unconscious or unable to speak, they can open the app, even from a locked phone, they can use the information to better pre-hospital care.

“The fact that we know what’s going on we know what we can do to treat the patient rather than to try and figure it out with vital signs or other equipment we have on the ambulance can end up allowing us to do more on the way to the hospital rather than spend most of our time trying to figure out what’s going on,” William Nelson says.

They say the most important parts of the app to fill out are the medical history or name and emergency contact.

Information on how to set up the app on an Android can be found here.

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