MOUNT ZION, Ill. (WCIA) — The Macon County Health Department is giving free Narcan to the Village of Mount Zion.

The kits are used in cases of opioid overdoses. People can get them at the Mt. Zion Police Department and Village Hall for free.

Village Administrator Julie Miller said they had an incident a while back, which is why she thought having the devices on hand was a no-brainer.

“We believe they are important. We actually had an incident here previously four or five years ago where someone was dropped off in our parking lot and someone called 911. Maybe if they would have known that there was Narcan available, they would have actually been able to administer it themselves,” Miller said.

“Our police department instead showed up and administered the Narcan, and so the person survived and was fine. But we had firsthand experience with it, and so we thought it was a good idea to have them available here,” she continued.

Miller said another reason she wanted an onsite Narcan box is because people might be afraid of going to the police for help. Police Chief Adam Skundberg said people don’t have to worry about getting in trouble — it’s about keeping people safe.

“It’s out there for people, whether you have a problem or not, or whether you have a friend or family member that does. And it’s right here by the door. Somebody can pop in here, grab a box or two, and they’re free of any charge,” Skundberg said. “They’re free to anybody who wants one. No questions asked.

He said they also keep a few Narcan kits in their police vehicles, so if you need one and you see a police officer, feel free to ask for one