Health insurance cut off for some teaching assistants


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Hundreds of teaching assistants returned to work after a three day strike only to find out their health insurance was cut off. 

After several months of battling the district over affordable health insurance, teaching assistants went on strike. 

the district threatened to discontinue those benefits while that was happening — but never said they had actually followed through with it. 

Thursday the school district told WCIA 3 News that pay and insurance benefits will continue if the teaching assistants ended the strike and go to work today.  

Now the district is scrambling to fix what happened. 

District administration became aware that members were being denied the use of health insurance benefits Friday morning. 

The district says staff is working to reinstate accounts But the process involves reactivating insurance benefits **individually for each of the 275 union teaching assistants. 

The district would not say how long that’s expected to take.

WATCH: TA’s press conference from Friday

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