Health department urges community’s help in preventing spread of COVID-19


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Macon County Health Department is asking their community to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This comes as several areas of the state see an increase in COVID-19 cases. Macon County recent entered into a warning level for the virus.

“Unfortunately, due to the region’s positivity rate of 7.4%, the entire region is now at risk of additional enforced mitigation measures,” said MCHD officials. They stated those measures could include reduced indoor dining capacity, suspended bar service, additional limits on social gatherings and more.

The health department said they are working with businesses and organizations to limit virus spread. This includes a growth in their contact tracing team, increased local testing capacity and other precautions.

Now, the health department is asking the community to do their part. Residents are asked to properly wear your masks while in public. This includes covering your mouth and nose. You should also wash the mask frequently.

Health officials also recommended social distancing when possible. “Masking is not a substitute for social distancing. Even if you are masked, please continue to social distance including when you are with people you know.” You should also wash your hands frequently.

If you are sick, the health department said to stay home. You should also stay home if you get tested for the virus.

If you find out you are a close contact of a COVID-positive person, start isolating. You are asked to not wait to be contacted by the health department.

Additionally, the health department said, “Follow all public health guidelines so that we can stay in Phase 4. It appears that our region will be experiencing mitigation measures from the state very soon. The faster we all take action, the great chance we can prevent this next step or get back into Phase 4 as quickly as possible.”

“We all want to go back to the life we knew pre-COVID, but we have further to go. Don’t give up now, there is too much at stake health-wise and socio-economically,” said the health department. “Even if you and your family have not personally been impacted by COVID-19, many people have. Please take this seriously if not for yourself then for those around you.”

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