WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – People in the village of Westville are now able to go back to their homes after having to evacuate becuase of a chemical leak.

Westville’s Assistant Fire Chief Mark Ames said Westville Gas & Water notified them of a chemical leak at their water treatment facility around 4:30 Sunday evening, and the fire department identified the leak as chlorine. They immediately worked to evacuate homes and vehicles around the area and advised anyone who didn’t want to leave to shelter in place.

That’s when they called in some help from the Danville Fire Department’s hazmat team and several other fire departments to help with evacuation and traffic control.

“There was a vapor cloud that was extending into the community based on the rain and the leak. Based on what the wind was doing, it was taking it south into the community and across Route 1. So we isolated those areas. It would be an inhalation issue,” Ames said.

He said there were no injuries and the Westville Fire Department is thanking the other agencies who helped mitigate the leak.

The roads are back open to traffic and Ames said it’s safe for people in the area to return home.