MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — We all know to check fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, but experts said there’s another test you should run in your home. January is “Radon Action Month” in Illinois.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It comes from below ground and works its way into your home.

The Illinois Department of Public Health said the central and northern regions of the state have high levels. Like carbon monoxide, radon doesn’t have a color or smell. But the effects are very different. Long-term exposure to radon can lead to chest pains, difficulty breathing and lung cancer. The National Cancer Institute lists it as the second leading cause of lung cancer. I spoke with a radon technician who said the sooner you know your home’s levels, the better.

“The only way to know is to test. You can have one house— well my house, I’ve tested. I don’t have high levels of radon. My next-door neighbor had high levels of radon and they mitigated,” said Troy Doehring.

He said a mitigation system would help to push the radon out of your home. If you don’t have one, he suggests testing for radon every two years.

You can pick up a radon test from your local hardware store. If your levels are over four, mitigation should be your next step.