Harvest Heritage: Stan Blunier


FORREST, Ill. (WCIA) – Stan Blunier was born and raised where he lives and farms just outside of Forrest.

“When my dad got married to my mom, they moved to this place here, and that would have been in about 1950,” Blunier said. “Eventually he had about 240 acres to farm. We’re farming about 1300 now, and one thing that’s changed is we got rid of all the different kinds of animals, and I just have hogs and we raise about five thousand at any one time. They all wind up in Japan in what would be essentially the Walmart of Japan. My son works full time with me, he farms with me. I have a daughter who works part time, off the farm, but she does bookwork for me and is usually here at least one day a week. And we are actually putting together an LLC so they can all be owners in this together.”

Stan Blunier has been active with the grain handling safety coalition.

“I was reminded of several instances close to me where we lost people because of grain accidents.” Blunier said. “It’s upsetting when I keep reading in the paper about when someone loses their life in a grain bin, or a grain bin accident. I don’t know how we get the information out to everybody, and how to help them be more careful, but we are just losing way too many people when they are doing things they don’t take it serious.”

Why does he do what he does?

“I like knowing that I am essential part of the food system that is required to feed everybody,” Blunier said. “And I really try to do a good job to do what I can to help produce a healthy and safe and environmentally friendly product. And I’ve been on a number of mission trips around the world to help build churches and stuff, and God has been good to us and we’ve got to help other people.”

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