Harvest Heritage: Flach Farms


OAKLEY, Ill. (WCIA) — Some little piggies go to market, but others wear ribbons and crowns, and Flach Farms of Oakley produces royalty in the big show ring for purebred hogs.

Roger Flach and his new bride Nancy started a small farm near Oakley in the early 1970s.

“When Roger and I got married, we had eight children, and all of them were in 4-H, so the oldest three girls had beef, the two boys had sheep, and the three youngest ones had hogs,” says Nancy Flach.

“Yes, and we’ve grown it exponentially from where it was,” says Roger Flach.  

Roy Flach has a nationally-renown purebred swine business.

“We’ve got every breed but Tamworth, so we’ve got Chesters, Spots, Polands, and Herefords, and then we have Durocs, Hamps and Yorks, and Landrace and Berks,” says Roy Flach. “We do it for the kids.  What we do is buy and sell show pigs all across the United States.

“We weren’t fortunate enough to have our own children, but it’s like my wife says, we’ve got a ton of children for as many pigs as we sell all over the country. Like right now is our big show season in Texas and Oklahoma.  If you have a champion of a breed in San Antonio, they give the kids a ten-thousand-dollar scholarship.

“So, when we go to the Southwest, those people are really into Ag and FFA and support their youth and they really try to do a good job to get those kids a good education.  The future here, like I said we were not fortunate enough to have children, but we are blessed with two godchildren that are very involved in the livestock industry and their parents as well.  I guess our future plans, as of now is to hand it down to those two individuals, it’s a little girl and a little boy.”

“And I was going to tell you, Roy has been in the hog barn, ever since he was 2 weeks old, I put two bales of straw together, laid a blanket down and he went to the hog barn with me,” says Nancy Flach.

“And she tried to kill me because I was allergic to straw as a kid and kept getting pneumonia from it,” says Roy Flach.

“Well, we don’t tell that, but I love you now honey,” says Nancy Flach, while laughing.

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