Harvest Heritage: Farm Photographer


WAPELLA — A high school senior says social media and ag mix and he has the numbers to prove it. 

Kevin Toohill grew up on his family’s farm and hopes to take over the operation one day.  In the mean time, he’s giving people across the US and the world a new perspective on the business. 

“This farm right here is where my dad actually grew up,” said Kevin. 
Now he’s planning on becoming a 6th generation farmer, after finishing high school and college first. 
“Definitely. Definitely. He’s a natural,” said Randy Toohill, Kevin’s dad. 
In the mean time, he’s getting a hands on education. 
“I can learn a lot about it from my dad, my grandpa.  That’s something that’s really cool to me,” said Kevin. 
“I want to do everything I can to keep that interest alive,” said Randy. 
Even if that means accepting what some would call a bad habit. 
“I can see him.  If he’s in the auger cart or something, he’s constantly videoing or whatever,” said Randy. 
“I like taking pictures,” said Kevin. 
That’s his second love. Behind farming.  But Kevin found he can mix the two. 
“You name it. Corn ears. Tractors. Tractors is a main one people like to see. Sunsets. Tractors in sunsets.  It ranges all the time,” said Kevin. 
Since Kevin started filling his Instagram account with pictures and videos of agriculture, more than 6,500 people start taking a look. 
“That’s what I like about it too.  It kind of gives a different, a different perspective to the farming business,” said Kevin. 
All from unique points of view. 
“Earlier this year we did get a drone which has kind of stepped it up quite a bit.  I like playing around with that, seeing what kinds of different angles and pictures I can get with that,” said Kevin. 
So while dad sometimes wishes harvest would be top priority..
“Part of me wants to say leave the Go Pros and the phones here so you’ll get something done.  Especially sunrise, sunset but it’s not an issue,” said Randy. 
Kevin knows it already is. 
“I hope that they get that agriculture is still, is still alive in America,” said Kevin. 

You can find Kevin on Instagram @toohillkevin

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