Harvest Heritage: Born Family Farms


LOVINGTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Stan Born is on a track to lead the American Soybean Association, but has only been farming for himself and raising soybeans for 10 years.

He was a farm boy who left for a successful career in industry but returned to farming at Lovington when he retired as a Caterpillar executive. Born got a jumpstart in agriculture thanks to the Illinois Soybean Association.

“About 30 years had eclipsed me as far as farm management and technology and all of those things, and so I was on the Illinois Soybean Association and that gave me a great opportunity to collaborate with a lot of good farm leaders that were very helpful to me,” Born says.

“And, it was instructive to get me caught up quickly on technology and practices to get me back into farming.”

But in exchange, Born has shared his diverse professional expertise.

“I am not smarter than anybody else, I’ve just had some different experiences, and certainly one of those areas I think is in probably is in international marketing,” he says. “I’ve spent a fair amount of time working with customers, as well as suppliers around the globe. And so I’ve had the opportunity to do business in a variety of different cultures and that’s been an asset I think in the work that I’ve been doing with Illinois soybean and American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Export Council as well.”

Illinois Soybean Association Executive John Lumpe said Stan Born is an exemplary leader.

“I think what you’ll find in Stan that not only is he a great farmer but he has a lot of business acumen from his previous experiences in accounting and as his current role as treasurer of the American Soybean Association he can lend that expertise to them along with his great advocacy efforts on behalf of the Illinois soybean farmer,” says Lumpe.

“And there are some things that we have the opportunity to influence. And those things are what the American Soybean Association is engaged in, and that is being able to tell our story to those who are making the laws and the rules that govern this country. So it is important to engage with our legislators, with our regulators, and with the administration that is in charge so they know what’s important to our business,” says Born.

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