Hair Salon prepares to reopen after old location destroyed



Jade Ebert had to close her business because of COVID like every other hair salon in the state, and while she reopened with everyone else, she had to close again soon after, because a drunk driver drove through her building. 

Photo Courtesy of Jade Ebert

Instead of folding, she used the accident as a way to follow through on a dream. 

“I have been needing to expand for some time, but I always just chickened out, you know, so I figured I would use the tragedy as a blessing in a way. this is pushing me off the edge, so i figured if i had to go find a new place, i might as well follow through on a dream.”

Her new location allows her to hire a few new workers, and expand the services they offer. She knows reopening during a pandemic is risky, but she’s been running this business since she was 24, and she wasn’t ready to stop now. 

“The next four weeks are just going to be pounding away,” Ebert said. “Like putting up mirrors and getting stations put up and getting the other girls spots ready. It’s a lot and we are on a tight deadline.”

The Hair Studio plans to reopen on October 1st. The new location is on the other side of Springfield, in a strip mall on Wabash.

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