Hail damage leads to discounted cars


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- Cars at one dealership are on sale, and you can credit that to Saturday’s storms. As the hail fell on Saturday, so did the price of much of the merchandise.

From afar, the cars might look okay, but up close, you can see the damage.
Honda BMW manager Benjamin Quattrone said he saw Dents the size of nickels and quarters.
“Some of them are soft dents that look like you just pressed it in with your finger, but imagine like 50 of them on the hood of the car. and then in other cases, it was more sever where it actually sort of broke the paint.”

Most of the damage was done to the hood. Some pieces of hail bounced off the ground and hit the bottom of doors.
Due to the dents, the Honda BMW of champaign will be offering discounts.

“What’s happening actually is that folks are looking for those vehicles so they can know it’s a Honda or BMW they’ve got a great vehicle its got a few hail dents in it I can live with that so it’s a little of a balance between lets fix some of it and then that affects the price”
The discounts range from 500 dollars to 6,000 dollars depending on whether the customer wants a repair.
Manager Benjamin Quattrone explained the process of fixing the dents.

“Call our insurance carrier because we have wind and hail coverage and we notify them, and we take inventory we get a feel for how long it’s going to take you know three hundred cars is obviously going to take less time than 600 cars”

Repairs can take up to three hours or more to remove 20 or 30 dents off the hood of a car.
The fewer repairs are done, the steeper the discount.
The manager says the process will take a few weeks to complete.
On average, According to Carsurance there are about 5,000 reports of hail damage per year.

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