Hackers fail to access circuit clerk’s records


Hackers tried to access website

MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Hackers tried to access the circuit clerk’s website. Officials say no one had any information compromised.

“When I walked in this morning my staff informed me that our website was down,” said Macon County Circuit Clerk Lois Durbin. Someone on the other side of the world was trying to hack into the Macon County Circuit Clerk’s website. “Well, I was surprised it happened, but this was the first time we had it happen since I’ve been clerk,” said Durbin.

Sherry Doty says this created a bit of excitement among office workers. “At that time our girls felt threatened,” said Doty. Durbin says the I-T department found out those hackers are actually working from Bulgaria. The message on the website said they were hacked by Iranian hackers. It read: “We are always closer to you. Your identity is known to us. Your information is for us. Take care;)” A few hours later, I-T workers had the website back up and running. “Our firewalls are working really well. There has not been any compromise. There’s not been any breech of data given out, so it’s working really well,” said Durbin.

However, the hackers didn’t give up. Later on the website was back down again. “I’ve been told that since they attempted first thing this morning that who ever does this they have it set that automatically it’s going to keep trying to hack it,” said Durbin.

However, they’re remaining unsuccessful. The Circuit Clerk says had those firewalls not been up personal identity information like social security and driver’s license numbers could have been disclosed. They’ve got a team working to keep the community safe. “Firewalls were up and I-T men we’ve got the best,” said Doty. The Macon County Circuit Clerk’s Office run scans and check their security often. It’s something they do throughout the year to make sure data remains safe.

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