Groups raise money to provide service dogs for veterans


TILTON, Ill. (WCIA)– Mission K9 Warrior and Fishin’ for a Mission worked together to help veterans. They had a fundraiser to provide service dogs for those who have served the country.

“We researched what canines do for people with special needs, for mental disabilities, and for veterans that are coming back from combat situations. These canines will pick up the veterans triggers,” said David Hughes, Mission K9 Warrior Director, “These canines are trained to wake a veteran up from a nightmare, to help a veteran in a big crowd.”

One canine service dog can cost up to 15,000 dollars. Each time someone pays to go fishing, they get a little closer to helping another veteran.

“I felt like it was a great opportunity to give back to people who helped my freedom,” said AJ Biggs with Fishin’ for a Mission.

Karl Krabbe says he’s had his service dog a little over three years now, and he’s changed his life. “The second day he was at my house, he jumped up. I was laying there sleeping. He started beating on me with his feet and tried to lick my face off. I was having a bad dream,” said Krabbe.

He says the dreams will never go away, but now he has a companion to make life a little easier each day.

“Makes me feel like I’m about ten feet tall, happy as a bug in a rug. It’s kind of hard to describe it because I don’t know how I got along before I got him,” said Krabbe.

Mission K9 Warrior started almost five years ago. Since then, they have provided 15 veterans with canines. The director says that wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community.

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