Groups question state order concerning workers’ compensation


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A new Emergency Order from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission will make it so every essential worker who tests positive for Coronavirus, is presumed to have gotten it on the job.

Governor Pritzker announced the order at his press conference Monday. Groups representing emergency workers are praising the move.

“Due to this change, there will now be a fair and reasonable presumption that a nurse who becomes infected with COVID-19 during this crisis became infected on the job, which will then ensure that she receives the worker’s compensation benefits that are rightly deserved,” Alice Johnson with the Illinois Nurses Association said. But not every industry is a fan of the move.

Several groups signed a letter to Governor Pritzker, asking for the move to be reversed. They do not feel that it is fair to the businesses, and also believe that the commission violated the Open Meetings Act.

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association said that they, along with the other groups on the letter, were not included in the discussions surrounding the topic.

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