Groups prepare for governor’s budget address


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Lawmakers and stakeholders from around the state are preparing for Governor Pritzker’s budget address this week.

Pritzker is asking the Department of Labor and the Department of Employment Security to consider merging. Groups representing business owners said they do not see a point in doing that.

The Department of Employment Security has the tasks of keeping track of employment around the state as well as making sure people get their unemployment checks. The Department of Labor makes sure that amusement rides are up to standard and labor laws are being enforced by employers.

Joint employers in Illinois said this would add an unnecessary layer of government to employment security. “The Department of Employment Security has been one of the best run state agencies in history,” said Mark Denzler, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association President. “It’s supposed to be a fair balance between employers and employees and we’re concerned about putting it within the department of labor politicizes it regardless of what administration is in control. So, we think the Department of Employment Security should be kept as it’s own agency.” The group said employment security was created to be neutral to help employers and laborers during bill negotiations.

The groups said they look forward to working with the governor to come up with a better solution to avoid negative impacts.

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