Group works to give voice to people in one village


Rantoul, Ill. (WCIA) —

A group has been lobbying for change for a few years in Rantoul, they say they’re now making a difference. Since 2018, they have been trying to help people have a voice for their community.

The group is called “Rantoul Residents for Representation.” One person represents each of the village’s six districts. This way people can voice their opinions about what’s happening in their area.

They believe the group helped make changes with this past election. Three newly elected Rantoul trustees were supported by the group. RR4R are glad to continue moving forward.

“We’re trying to make the changes that’s needed and these are not bad changes. These are changes so that you can hear more voices,” Wendell Golston, RR4R Founding Member, said.

The group hopes to continue working to make changes.

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