Group tries to track down Bigfoot


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — One man wants you to go outside and search for Bigfoot.

It’s called “The Official Come Find Me Bigfoot” Facebook group. Kyle Wilcox from Shelbyville is the founder. He set it up as a game for all to play.

More than 12,000 mini steel bigfoots have been hidden throughout central Illinois…Hundreds of U.S. cities and even 10 countries.

Each one is numbered. Once you find one, you have to re-hide it somewhere else. Then, you post a clue where it is.

Wilcox says this is just a way to make others smile.

“Bigfoot is the social distancing champion of the world, so I kinda went on a whim and went with it. I can’t believe how it’s has grown in two months,” says Wilcox.

The Facebook group has nearly 9,000 members.

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