Group serves free meals on Easter


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– A group is serving people who may not have anywhere to go. Volunteers handed out food at West Side Park. “They’re like family, so that’s where it’s fun to have them gathered out here today and just hang out, talk, and eat,” said Warren Charter.

When volunteers realized people without a home may need support, they stepped in to help. “With Easter there’s no buses running, so there’s no opportunity for the guys to go to the mall or ride the buses all day,” said Charter.

Dayshon Lewis-Mosbey has been sleeping at a shelter. “I feel there’s not a lot of opportunities out here for people that are homeless to be able to get a meal on Easter Sunday,” said Lewis-Mosbey.

Instead of having to a find a meal, they’re cooking for him and several others. “We’re doing a made to order breakfast so basically treating it like you’re walking into a restaurant and serving up pancakes, omelets, french toast, eggs, sausage, all the fixings of a Sunday morning,” said Charter. Organizers say they’re prepared to serve at least 50 people, and the ones who came out say they’re grateful to have somewhere safe to go. “I don’t have family here, so for a person to tell us they’re going to feed us all day, that’s a blessing,” said Lewis-Mosbey.

They’re also giving out meals for lunch and dinner. Donors helped pay for the food.

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