Group pushing for more diversity in village leadership


Organizers encourage community to vote

RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA)– “Oftentimes people don’t know what to do after the protests, after the rallying or the rioting or the looting or whatever is going on. People don’t know what to do after that,” said Mar’Ques Reed.

A group was formed to put to put an end to that uncertainty. It’s called Rantoul Reformed. The organizers met at a rally a little over a week ago. People in the group say they will be attending board meetings and educating themselves on processes and procedures to get more information, so they can push for change in the village.

“The positions of power that are traditionally in Rantoul are white. There may be a few black people in those positions, but for the most part, it absolutely does not represent the population of Rantoul,” said Tracy Williams, Rantoul Reformed organizer.

“We definitely want to see more diversity within the community, within the school boards, the village boards, the police force. We definitely want to see diversity. They’re saying sometimes we’re not applying, so we do want to show them that people of color and other ethnicities are applying to these positions,” said Reed. They say that starts with getting people to the polls.

“We want to get people out voting in November and kind of build a base of voters and people that are like minded and want to see the change we want to see,” said Williams, “When you have diversity, different ideals, different ways to do things, it just benefits everybody.” Over 70 people have the joined the group in a little over a week. They plan to keep organizing online.

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