Group proposes ‘Black Lives Matter’ street mural


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — In the latest push for racial equity in Champaign, people are asking the city to turn on street into a piece of art supporting Black Lives Matter.

The proposed large streetscape mural could be painted with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” They are asking for it to be on Chester Street, right next to the city building as you enter into downtown Champaign.

The group who organized this proposal created the design, but they still need the city’s approval for the project. The group is requesting the city to pay for this and contract with a local black artist to install the mural as part of the city’s Diversity Advancement Program.

The organizers said the want it to be a provoking reminder of the demand for racial equity in things like healthcare, social services and basic human treatment. “When we are making statements like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Immigrants Are Important,’ or ‘Defund the Police,’ these statements are trigging to people because they’re so used to a system that has kept them safe and privileged,” said mural project organizer, Justin Hendrix. “And so with that being said, it is time to eliminate those systems that have been broken and never fixed for everyone equally.”

The city council talked about the legality and logistics of the proposal at a study session Tuesday night. The vote for final approval or denial would happen at a future city council meeting.

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