DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A group in Danville is preparing students for their future.

The Ubuntu Mentoring Group is teaching kids how to become leaders in their community.

In a few months, these students say they will have expanded their vision of what’s possible.

“The sky’s the limit,” says mentee Nathanael Hoskins.

The Ubuntu Mentoring Group helped change that. The program started in November. Students from 8th Grade to high school seniors are part of it.

“We’re like a family here. We talk about a lot of our problems that we don’t talk about out here,” says Hoskins.

Participants have access to mentorship opportunities, after-school programming, and mental health services. They’re learning about several topics including entrepreneurship and Black Wall Street.

“It’s led me to become more vocal in my community,” says mentee Jalin Howell. “I’ve done a lot more with school, my work. They’ve pushed me to keep my grades up.”

Mentors say making a difference is what this program is all about.

“Hopefully when they leave here they leave with a good experience and they leave with new knowledge,” says John Ward.

This summer, the group went on a college cultural tour. They traveled to three different states to tour 5 colleges and did some enrichment activities along the way.

High school graduates say it was an experience they won’t forget.

“It opens your eyes a lot when you go out and you see how big the world is and how much endless opportunities there are,” says Hoskins.

With support, guidance, and leadership, they feel more prepared for the future.

Volunteers, mentors, and students are encouraged to join. There are several other activities this summer.