Grand jury proceedings extend to full board


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Following the indictment of Piatt County board chair Ray Spencer on Monday, other members of the county board, as well as select county officials, were subpoenaed Wednesday for additional grand jury proceedings in February.

Grand jury proceedings are typically secret, but when contacted Friday by WCIA, a spokesperson with the U.S. Marshals confirmed that the subpoenas had been served by a Champaign police officer.

Since Spencer’s indictment on Monday, county business has proceeded largely as usual with Spencer chairing various meetings. Per his bond conditions, Spencer is allowed entry to the Piatt County Courthouse as long as he’s there on county-related business.

Piatt County resident Sandy Smith called that fact “unbelievable.”

“He showed up for work yesterday like nothing had happened and expected to lead and participate as though he’s not under charges against the county,” she said Friday. “In any other organization, if somebody is arrested for a crime against where they work, they’re instantly either fired or put on administrative leave.”

Still, Smith said she’s also “not surprised” by the week’s proceedings.

“There’s been more than one county action that has taken place…that has not been, to be honest, legal,” she said.

Piatt County Republican Party Chair Jim Ayers, when reached for comment Friday, declined to speak on the matter: in addition to continuing to serve as county board chairman, Spencer also remains Secretary-Treasurer of the county’s Republican executive committee.

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